MinimalComps are being used in all kinds of real world projects. I’ll post examples here. If you know any others, feel free to link to them in the comments.

14 Comments on “Showcase”

  1. Damian says:

    I use minimal comps in the AS3 Game Object Editor. It makes my life easier :)

  2. keith says:

    Forgot my own tool, SWFSheet:

  3. Ali Batı says:

    I used minimalcomps for several prototypes. This is one of them:

    Thanks a billion times.

  4. Stefan Kovac says:

    We use MinimalComps in cManager (CU3ER 3D slider manager) – try demo on

    Brief video overview –

    Thank you Keith!


  5. I used MC to make an explorer for my first foray into Pixel bender filters.

  6. I’m using the minimal components for my runtime object editor, AScalpel.

  7. Thanks Keith for making my life so much easier with your components. One popular project of mine where I use them is ScribblerToo:

  8. Bumbus says:

    I used minimalcomps for ProjectManger, a project stopwatch application build with Air.

    Grab it here:

  9. Arjen says:

    I use the MinimalComps in my YouKnits designer application (desktop browser and mobile versions).
    In the Mobile (Android) version I scaled the components and extended the PushButton Class to get a smaller multilabel button.

    Background information:

    Desktop browser version:

    Mobile (Android) version:

    Thank you Keith for creating these great components!

  10. Simon Bailey says:

    I have utilised and implemented similar minimalcomps logic for an (AS3) Video Player:

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